"Empowerment Through Education"

Kasuku is small located in DRC, on the African continent. It is located in a beautiful landscape of mountains, forest, rivers and waterfalls. The peaceful valleys of Kasuku are blanketed with palm and pineapple trees crops, offering a wonderful scenery that can only come from nature. 

Little boy Mambo lives in Kasuku.
For him growing up there is so much fun. He always finds new things to do, things which amaze the people in the village. Everyone knows Mambo, he is everywhere and wants to know everything.
His life became more exciting when one day, while playing i spy he sees a gorilla! Would it be weird if he found friendship with this huge creature? 
young readers will find out as they follow the adventures of Mambo and the runaway Gorilla.

Bursting with vibrant illustrations, This book treats young ones with a delightful tale filled with fun and lessons.
40pages, Dimensions: 28 x 21.6 x 0.3 cm Available in Hardcover and softcover. 
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