"Empowerment Through Education"

There are so many ways to get involved!

Thank you for supporting Life-Hope’s children! Rest assured that all donation will directly benefit children in need as all donation go to Life-Hope’s children and supporting community.  You can help in many different ways!


What a great way to show appreciation for your big day. Collect donation and share your joy. It's amazing what one can accomplish while having fun! Turn your party into an unforgettable fundraising event! Collect donation and share your joy. 

  • Celebrate your birthday, baby shower or your child’s christening by donating proceeds to Life-Hope.  
  • Host a lunch or dinner with friends and family to tell them about Life-Hope.  

  • Organize an activity (i.e. hike, cooking classes, wine tasting, etc.) in which proceeds go to Life-Hope.

Become a School Partner  

If you are a teacher or a student, your school could become a supporter of  the Life-Hope school.  School partnerships give students an insight into another way of life. By working together on joint projects, students can gain a greater appreciation of cultural diversity and global issues.  

  • Schools will be introduced to one another via the Internet enabling students to nurture curiosity and help to provide understanding to students and teachers living in very different culture. Children will develop cross-cultural awareness about the personal lives and learning conditions of their counterparts, while enhancing their academic curriculum.

  • Become a penpal in French or Swahili.

  • Help fundraise for Life-Hope: bake sale, flea market, hikes, etc.

  • Donate used or unwanted items such as toys, books (in French or Swahili), and/or clothes.   

  1. Donate Your Time (Educational Professionals)

Teacher quality is the single biggest influence on student engagement and achievement and that improving teacher effectiveness is the best method of improving student performance. Hence, Life-Hope is dedicated to the continuing education of the teachers.  

  • Provide a skill-based training.

  • Become a partner teacher and or school with a local teacher.

  1. In Kind Donations

In kind donations can greatly greatly increase the quality of resources available for children at Life-Hope.  In kind donations enhance our programs and maximize the efficiency of our work. Donations may include:

  • Technology (hardware such as computers and ipads and software)

  • Books (in French and Swahili)

  • Building supplies and materials

  • School supplies - pencils, notebooks, chalk, and flash lights to study with at night, etc.

  1. Corporate Matching and Workplace Giving

You can help Life-Hope through matching gift or workplace giving programs. This can also be a great benefit to your company's PR and employee/employer relations. Your company may already have existing corporate matching and workplace giving programs in place. If so, it may be as simple as checking with your HR Department to ensure your company is setup to match donations or support workplace giving.

  1. Frequent Flyer Mileage Award Tickets

We are happy to accept your frequent flyer miles in the form of award tickets. Your donation of an award ticket will help fly qualified teacher trainers to the Life-Hope’s school as well as any materials that may be donated from various location around the globe.

  1. Monetary Donations

By make a donation today, you can help made an immediate difference in the lives of 148 children at Life-Hope and their surrounding community.  Whether you choose to sponsor a child, donate toward a specific cause, or donate to the general fund, know that you are making a direct difference in the lives of children.  You may make an online donation using our PayPal donation page. This method requires you to have an existing PayPal account or create a new one as part of the donation process.  How can you donate?  

  • Sponsor a child (150 USD/year)

  • Sponsor a teacher (5,000 USD/year)

  • Donate to the nutrition program (2,500 USD/year)

  • Donate to facility improvement and expansion fund (clean water well, wall enclosure, latrines, and new classrooms)

  • Donate a clean water filter (Solvatten) to a family (cost???)

  • Donate to teacher trainings

  • Donate to community based skill training projects

  • Donate to an after school activities program (i.e. soccer club)

  • Donate to the general fund

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