"Empowerment Through Education"

The classrooms

On September the 8th we are begining a new school year. 100 children will start attending and we hope to be able to help more children in the near future. Our plan is to get these poor children out of the street and give them a chance to education. 

The school is open!

It is such a joy to see our children all washed up and ready for this wonderful journey with Life-Hope. They are so excited as their parents/ guardians managed somehow to find blue and white outfits to use for their school uniform. We are amazed every day at how responsive they are and at their thirst for learning. Some of these kids come to us alone, asking to join the school. We are grateful to be there for them and to have wonderful supporters, who believe in the gift of second chances, in our case a gift of education. 


The building of our classrooms had began and we are hoping to be able to provide education to 100 orphans who are not attending school. The school will open from the beginning of september 2014.

However, we need all help possible to achieve this work. Any kind of support is welcome as we serve the less fortunate children.

Please support!


LIFE-HOPE is providing school fees to Orphans and of Cyanya primary school in Kabare, South Kivu region, and Lubumbashi and from september 2014, the children in our own school in Kiswishi. All In the Republic Democratic of Congo.
The orphans we are helping are very poor. Some of them have lost both parents and others one of the parents but still can't manage with the children alone. With the constant instability  in the country, the villagers who lived from cultivating their fields have lost  them to the army rebel groups and most of them are now internal displaced.  LIFE-HOPE is reaching to people who can Give a gift of a lifetime and help send poor children to school... Those who sponsor children keep in touch with them by email, and often receive their news and their growth in class. Visit our photos library to see our children.


None of these works can be done without your support. Now find out how you can get involved and start giving ho                                  
None of these works can be done without your support. Now find out how you can get involved and start giving hope too. 
To help and inspire others go to:
Please contact us [email protected] to learn more on how to be a part of this work 
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The caring of those in need is a communal effort. We at Life-Hope believe this idea to be central to our work and it is the underlying concept to all of our projects. While our main concern is for the education and care of orphans and underprivileged children, we also wish to touch the lives of children who are lucky enough to be able to share their lives and experiences with those who may not have the same opportunities. By raising the awareness of our local communities about the state of children all over the globe we can see where there is a need for hope and try our best to provide it. By hosting a simple party, collecting loose change, or even buying a book, you can be a part of an effort to make some very big changes in the lives of young children who may not have the opportunity to have new school supplies or even clean drinking water.

Life-Hope believes that by helping these young children get a good education and feel safe in their environment that they can grow up to play major roles in their families and communities. If you feel the same then we encourage you to get involved at whatever level you are able to. While we highly encourage donations and sponsors for our projects, there are many ways that you can get involved with our work.

Many of us forget that some of the simplest things in our lives are luxury to those who have nothing. Join us as we strive to ensure that young children in some of the poorest areas have basic living supplies and access to education.

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